The importance of balanced diet

The best way to fight the temptation to eat unhealthful, low-nutrient food is with two things; knowledge and great tasting meals. If you have knowledge, but don’t like what you ...

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

With your fast-paced lifestyles, your commitments and work responsibilities tugging you in a million different directions, it has become an everyday struggle to prepare healthy meals for the nourishment of ...

Looking for Tingkat Delivery?

Your Search For Tingkat Delivery Service Is Just One Phone Call Away!!! All of us are worried about the health of our near and dear ones and want them to ...

Why Us?

Delicious Restaurant Cooking

  The reason why the number of restaurants have grown rapidly over ...

Quality Food

Are you worried about the quality of the ingredients that goes into ...

Hygienic Food Preparation

Want to order food from our caterer but worried about hygiene? Don’t ...

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Confinement Food Delivery

The Need for Confinement Meals There are certain beliefs and traditions which our Chinese ancestors not only strongly believed in, but also ensured that they be passed on to the next generations. One of them is the need for new mothers to indulge in special food products, known as confinement meals that, which would in […]

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Balance Your Diet

The importance of have a balanced diet for a long and healthy life cannot be denied. A balance diet means the consumption of foods and drinks that are high in all the basic nutrients and meets your body’s requirement for growth and development. It helps in maintaining a “balance” and harmony between the body cells, […]

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About Tingkat

The word Tiffin means either a light meal or a lunch. This word was originated in British India, but today it has found its place primarily in Indian English. It is derived from an English slang “tiffing” which means “to take a little sip”. Ideally, a tiffin box is a multitier metal container that is […]

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