Balance Your Diet

The importance of having a will- balanced diet for a long and healthy life should not be overlooked. A well-balance diet is essential for the general well-being, growth and development of each individual. It helps in maintaining a “balance” and harmony between the body cells, the organs and the tissues.
Protein helps with the movement of the muscles in the human body, digestion and the overall growth in structure – like out fingernails, hair and tissues. An adult’s requirement for protein is between 30 – 40 grams a day, and can easily be met by including milk, yogurt, cheese, pasta, beans and tofu in your diet. Eggs are another rich source of protein. While it is very important to get sufficient, the intake of too much protein can interfere with your digestive system. So if you think you consume food with too much protein in a day, you can increase your intake of fibres to balance it out.
Carbohydrates provide essential source of energy and natural compounds like hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Too much or too little of it can cause a friction in the functioning of your body. It is recommended to avoid highly processed carbs to reduce the chances of weight-gain. The best sources of carbohydrates are undoubtedly whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. These are easy to digest and provide an array of benefits are mainly nutrients that are found in plants and sufficient intake ensure that our intestines function correctly thus aiding our bowel movement. Again, Fruits and Vegetables are the best and most natural sources of fibre.
In contrary to the general misconception that low-fat means healthy, the intake of some good sources of fat are actually essential to your brain growth and helps deal with fatigue and mood swings. So it all comes down to the type of fat you eat. Trans fats and saturated fats are what you should stay away from because they clog your arteries and lead to weight-gain, but monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are our best friends.


  1. hi, i’m enquiring if u cater for lunch delivery for 1 pax for a whole month?

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thanks for your enquiry! Due to low demand of lunch delivery, we have stop the lunch delivery service until further notice.

      Thank you

  2. Do you accept orders for Tingkat dinner on a 3 days per week delivery arrangement?

  3. What is the cost of your 3 day dinner for 2pax w/o rice?

  4. Mrs Jessica AU

    Hi Tingkat Delivery Singapore

    My mother had an eye infection and thus unable to prepare her own dinner for the past 2 weeks.
    We had changed 2 tingkat caterer which she is not satisfied with and yesterday was the 1st meal tingkat delivery singapore sent her dinner.

    Her comment: I have not had such sumptuous dinner for a long while!

    I am very very impressed with the quality of your food ….

    Well done as there are not many who put passion in their work!

    Once again, THANK YOU

    • Hi Mrs Jessica Au,

      Thanks you for your motivation comments.
      With this motivation, it will drive us to do even better.

      Thank you!

  5. I would like to enquiry for tingkat dinner meal. Pls advice my below question.

    1) what time food deliver at bukit batok area
    2) type of payment method
    3) can have trial order, min how many days for 3person meal w/o suop and rice.

    thanks & regards

    alice wong

    • Hi Alice,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      1. Normally, the delivery time is between 4-7pm, its very hard to give an exact time.
      2. We accept cash and cheque to be paid on 1st or 2nd day of delivery
      3. We accept 10 days minimum order.

      Thanks again.

  6. Do you deliver to Pasir Ris? Where is your kitchen located?

  7. Lee Jeong Leng

    Do you do delivery at Chai Chee Street?

  8. Do u deliver to yishun ?
    I would like to hv 3 times per week. How much?
    Can I indicate certain food my family dont take so that we do not hv to force to eat?

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Yes, we deliver to Yishun.
      Sure, we have 3 times per week delivery. You can choose either 10 or 20 days delivery.
      Yes, we will try our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

  9. Do you deliver to Charlton Park estate? I am interested in taking a 10day package for 1 person. But I don’t need it for Friday. Can this be arranged?

    • Hi Ms Ang,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Yes, we deliver to Charlton Park Estate.
      Yes, you can choose dinner delivery for Monday to Thursday.

  10. 1) Do you delivery to Punggol ?
    2) Can I opt one-two dishes that we don’t eat?
    3) How many days in advance shall I order to start on a new week?
    4) If there is a public holiday falls on weekday, and no delivery, what will be the arrangement? Refund?

    • Hi S_New,

      Thanks for your enquiry

      1) Yes, we deliver to Punggol
      2) It’s possible and depending on items ie no bittergourd, celery, egg plants,etc
      3) We require 1 day notice to start the order
      4) It will be replaced by extending the contract.

  11. Hi,

    Do you deliver to balestier?

  12. Dear Jasmine,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    1) Yes, we do delivery to Farrer Park area
    2) Yes, we can accept certain requirement like no chilli, seafood,etc. We will do our best, please call our hotline to find out more.
    3) We require 3 days notice for contract termination.

    • Thanks admin for your revert. Some more questions I have in mind:

      1) Is your lunch delivery available now? I’m actually looking for lunch & dinner delivery for 5 days per week.
      2) And can I order a trial tingkat for 5 days to try out the food? Any special/discounted rates :P?

  13. Hi, can I request no msg and less salt n oil?

  14. Sapiyah Mohamed

    May I know how much is the price for 10days. Dinner only. Is it Halal certify. How are we going to make payment?

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