The importance of balanced diet

The best way to fight temptation of having ‘unhealthy’, low-nutritional food is to keep  two things in mind; The knowledge of the ingredients used and the ‘sacrifice’ you have to endure to achieve it. To ensure that you will be getting well balanced meals with the right amounts of nutrients required for the body, you may want to consider trying out our  packed meals which encompass different ingredients and flavors will whet your appetite.

The hindrance to living healthy, is time. In today’s modern day society, people spend more time at work and looking for opportunities to improve their lifestyle. So although eating right may sound important, it is not their main focus of getting it done – all thanks to the extremely stressful work-life.

What is a balanced diet?

You don’t need a nutritionist or a dietitian to tell you that a balanced diet is one which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, diary products, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, nuts, etc. In a nutshell, you need meals that are rich with vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients. Most people think that healthy eating is all about maintaining the calories. But did you know that it is not only about calories? Although planning your calories is an important step, you need to be able to identify the need of each family member and include those nutrients that are good for them – without going overboard with the calorie count.

What doctors recommend

Doctors say that while fruits and vegetables, especially dark-green or deep-yellow ones, helps by providing you with the necessary phytochemicals, electrolytes and fibers along with a good source of Vitamin C; the consumption of at least two servings of either meat, poultry, fish or eggs per day is also extremely vital. These are a great source of protein. So a well rounded and balanced meal should include the right proportions of vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre, macronutrients, fluids and mineral salts. A responsible eating choice should then be made based on your needs and your preference.

Take one step at a time

Did you know that consuming whole grains and beans ensures that your need for high-fiber is taken care of which will take care of your digestive system? An easy option would be to opt for a multi grain bread for breakfast. Citrus fruits, carrots and broccoli are rich in antioxidants so these can do wonders for your health. Cut down on trans fat, animal fat and lower your intake of too much sugar and salt. These have high calorie density and may lead to numerous health issues. Eat more nuts and dry fruits. Olive oil is a good choice because although it contains fat – it is unsaturated so it is very good for you. Meat is considered an excellent choice because it is full of goodness which help gain vitality and strength, maintain muscle and gives you energy. Eating fish is even better because it contains all these goodness but is low on fat.

Focus on the long term benefits

Are you serious about making a lifestyle change and practice healthy eating? The need here is to make a long term plan. You can enjoy deliciously made meals that are good for your taste buds and ever better for your body. If you do this well, you will never feel the need to take dietary supplements to make up for what your body doesn’t have – because it will have everything it needs. Whats even better is that the entire family can come together and practice healthy eating habits and aim towards a longer, healthier and happier life.

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