Diseases Associated with Ribosomes

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How-to Do a Summary to get a Research-Paper

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The importance of balanced diet

composition with fruits and glass of orange juice

The best way to fight temptation of having ‘unhealthy’, low-nutritional food is to keep  two things in mind; The knowledge of the ingredients used and the ‘sacrifice’ you have to endure to achieve it. To ensure that you will be getting well balanced meals with the right amounts of nutrients required for the body, you may want to consider trying ... Read More »

Confinement Food Delivery

Confinement Food

The Need for Confinement Meals There are certain beliefs and traditions which our Chinese ancestors not only strongly believed in, but also ensured that they be passed on to the next generations. One of them is the need for new mothers to indulge in special food products, known as confinement meals that, which would in the long run prove beneficial ... Read More »

Balance Your Diet


The importance of having a will- balanced diet for a long and healthy life should not be overlooked. A well-balance diet is essential for the general well-being, growth and development of each individual. It helps in maintaining a “balance” and harmony between the body cells, the organs and the tissues. What our body requires:  Different foods have different benefits for ... Read More »

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Mealtime Together

With our hectic work schedule and family responsibilities tugging at different directions, it has become an everyday struggle to prepare healthy and nourishing  meals for our family members. There is so much going on at the same time that worrying about facing the kitchen and getting a balanced dinner on the table sounds like another painful chore. There may be ... Read More »

Looking for Tingkat Delivery?

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Your Search For Tingkat Delivery Service Is Just One Phone Call Away!!! All of us are very conscious about the health of our beloved ones.  We want them to live a long, healthy, ailment-free life and encourage optimal development and growth. The kind of food we consume as well as the kind of lifestyle we live determines all this  . Therefore, the ... Read More »

About Tingkat


The word Tiffin means either a light meal or a lunch. This word was originated in British India, but today it has found its place primarily in Indian English. It is derived from an English slang “tiffing” which means “to take a little sip”. Ideally, a tiffin box is a multitier metal container that is unlocked by un-hooking a small ... Read More »