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Kim's Kitchen- Lunch & Dinner

Delivery Time: Lunch & Dinner

Location of Delivery: All locations (except CBD)


  • Delicious, tasty and fresh tingkat meals, which are suitable for the whole family, are prepared in the most hygienic way.
  • Timely meal delivery to your home on weekdays (Except for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays).
  • Tingkat Menu subject to changes without any prior notice - Menu Changes every two weeks
  • Payment to be made either via internet banking, ATM fund transfer or cheque payment mailed to our company (no cash payment)
DateDish 1Dish 2Dish 3Soup
01-11蜜汁小腿 Drumlet w Honey Sauce Specia肉碎土豆 Potatoes w Mincemeat Deligh蒜蓉黄白菜 Stir Fried Veggie Special三色豆汤 Mixed Colour Bean Soup
02-11干煎虾六 Fried Prawn Delight紫菜鸡 Seaweed Chicken Special杂菇西芹 Celery w Mixed Mushroom Delight银鱼菜汤 Silver Fish Veggie Soup
05-11冬菜肉饼 Meat Cake Special麦金鸡 Chicken Nugget Delight海南杂菜 Hainan Mixed Veggie Special鱼鳔菜汤 Fish Maw Veggie Soup
07-11酸甜鱼片 Sweet and Sour Fish Slices Delight火腿蒸蛋 Steam Egg w Ham Special粉丝毛瓜 Cucumber w Tung Hoon Delight黑豆汤 Black Bean Soup
08-11姜蓉蒸鸡 Steam Chicken w Mince Ginger Special泰式豆腐 Thai Sauce Beancurd Delight江鱼九白菜 Veggie w Ikan Billis Special白罗卜汤 White Radish Soup
09-11香煎时鱼 Fried Fish Delight沙爹蛋圆 Boiled Egg w Satay Sauce Special杂锦菜花 Mixed Cauliflower Delight蘑菇鸡汤 Mushroom Chicken Soup
12-11海南鸡扒 Hainan Chicken Chop Special卤味双拼 Double Ingredient Delight咖哩杂菜 Curry Mixed Veggie Special玉米汤 Corn Soup
13-11姜葱肉片 Meat Slices w Ginger Onion Delight干冬饼 Potatoes Cake Special江鱼白浦 Veggie w Ikan Billis Delight连藕汤 Lotus Root Soup
14-11咖哩鸡 Curry Chicken Special海味豆腐 Beancurd w Seafood Delight蒜蓉菜芯 Stir Fried Chye Sim Special四川鸡汤 Sze Chuan Veggie w Chicken Soup
15-11麦片鱼 Cereal Fish Delight西芹鸡丁 Chicken Cube w Celery Special上汤苋菜 Chinese Spinach Delight海带汤 Kelp Soup
16-11青咖哩虾 Green Curry Prawn Special菜浦鸡肉碎豆腐 Beancurd w Mince Chicken Delight长豆茄子 Long Bean w Brinjal Special紫菜蛋汤 Seaweed Egg Soup
19-11咕噜鸡 Sweet and Sour Chicken Special家常豆腐 Home Style Beancurd Delight高丽杂菜 Mixed Cabbage Special老黄瓜汤 Old Cucumber Soup
20-11姜葱鱼片 Fish Slices w Ginger Onion Delight辣味圆蛋 Boil Egg w Spicy Sauce Special罗汉上素 Loh Han Chye Delight玉竹鸡汤 Yu Zhu Chicken Soup
21-11京酱肉扒 Meat Chop Special冬粉豆支 Tau Kee w Tung Hoon Delight家乡长豆 Home Style Long Bean Special罗汉果汤 Luo Han Guo Soup
22-11黑豆豉蒸鸡 Steam Chicken w Fement Bean Delight杂锦鱼丸 Mixed Fish Ball Special江鱼九白菜 Veggie w Ikan Billis Delight花生鸡汤 Peanut Chicken Soup
23-11油浸时鱼 Fried Fish Special黑椒鸡米香 Popcorn Chicken w Black Pepper Delight三丝波菜 Mixed Spinach Special鱼鰾菜汤 Fish Maw Veggie Soup
26-11柠檬鸡 Lemon Chicken Delight江鱼白浦 Cucumber w Ikan Billis Special焖三菇 Braise Mixed Mushroom Delight金瓜排骨汤 Pumpkin Pork Rib Soup
27-11苦瓜排骨 Pork Rib w Bitterguord Special小鱼豆干 Ikan Billis w Beancurd Delight蚝油芥兰 Kai Lan w Oyster Sauce Special雪耳鸡汤 White Fungus Chicken Soup
28-11黑椒鱼片 Fish Slices w Black Pepper Delight木耳鸡丁 Chicken Cube w Black Fungus Special杂锦小白菜 Mixed Sio Peh Chye Delight冬瓜汤 Winter Melon Soup
29-11四川菜焖鸡 Chicken w Sze Chuan Veggie Special三色蒸蛋 Steam Egg Delight海南包菜 Hainan Cabbage Special一品鸡汤 Imperial Chicken Soup
30-11蒜蓉粉丝虾 Mince Garlic Prawn w Tung Hoon Delight叻沙酿豆腐 Laksa Yong Tau Foo Special海鲜吊瓜 Cucumber w Seafood Delight鱼丸菜汤 Fish Ball Veggie Soup
Order Preference:             


10 Days($)

20 Days($)


Terms and conditions:

    1. Exclude 7% GST

    2. Microwavable container is chargeable at $0.50/pax/meal.  

    Eg: We will not change for 10 days tria, we charge $5.00/pax (for 20 days), we charge $10.00

    3. Additional rice $0.50/pax

    4. Menu items are subjected to ingredients availabilty

    5. To allow for delivery delays due to unforeseen traffic conditions.

    6. Cheque payment made payable to Tingkat Pte Ltd

    7. Please confirm your order at least 2 working days before starting date.

    8. The management of Tingkat Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions stated henceforth without prior notice.

    9. Payment to be made either via internet banking, ATM fund transfer or cheque payment mailed to our company's address (no cash payment)

    10.. We do not deliver to offices and shopping mall premises.

    11. For 20 days package , food will be sent in Tingkat carriers (dinner only).  For lunch/dinner packages whereby food is packed in plastic containers, $0.50/pax/meal is chargeable