Confinement Food Delivery

The Need for Confinement Meals

There are certain beliefs and traditions which our Chinese ancestors not only strongly believed in, but also ensured that they be passed on to the next generations. One of them is the need for new mothers to indulge in special food products, known as confinement meals that, which would in the long run prove beneficial not just for the mother but for her breastfed child as well.
No one can deny the fact that a new mother needs as much rest as possible. But, the fact is that the food which a new mother consumes holds as much importance as the rest she takes.

Confinement Food

Do you know why new mothers are discouraged or for that matter forbidden from eating certain food items during the confinement period of 30 days?

Do you know which foods provide the best nourishment to a new mother?

Do you know that consuming certain produces within the 30 day confinement period can either enhance or mar the healing process after delivery?

Well don’t worry if your answers to most of the above questions are in the negative. Because, we know the answers and are here to assist the new mother on her path to recovery post-delivery.

What we do

We are proponents of confinement meals and strongly believe that the food you take during that period of 30 days post-delivery ensures that you and your baby go a long way in having a blessed health. We are also committed to the task, of doing our part in valuing and passing on our traditions and age old beliefs to the next generations. These are the principles, which led us into developing our perfect confinement meals to cater to all the new mothers by providing them thorough nourishment and in a way that the taste is not compromised.


What sets us apart from other Confinement Meal Providers?

  1. We take the minutest care in each and every aspect, right from choosing the freshest of fresh ingredients and produce, to preparing the delectable and thoroughly nourishing meals meant for the new mother
  2. We prepare the dishes in a manner which we would, for our own daughters. It’s not just our hands that go into preparing these meals but our head and heart too and the result is what we call wholesome food
  3. The food once ready, is chilled before it is packed, to prevent any chances of the food losing its nutritive value and flavor
  4. Oh did we tell you that our kitchens where the yummy meals come from, are HACCP approved? This should tell you how hygienic our facilities and methods are
  5.  Our job does not end at preparing the food alone. We feel our task is accomplished only after we deliver our neatly packed wholesome meal at your doorstep

Now, all we ask of you is to take advantage of our services and to take good care of yourself for, you are all set to be a wonderful mother to an even more wonderful baby.

Checkout our confinement menu and price

Confinement Menu

To find out more, you can call our consultant at 91076893


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