Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Do you find that you are constantly fighting a losing battle with the clock, and you have no time to spend with your family? Do you find a challenge to cook for your family, when you come home from work tired and stressed??

With our hectic work schedule and family responsibilities tugging at different directions, it has become an everyday struggle to prepare healthy and nourishing  meals for our family members. There is so much going on at the same time that worrying about facing the kitchen and getting a balanced dinner on the table sounds like another painful chore.

There may be  a wide array of options when it comes to fast food eateries, take-away joints and hawker centers when it comes to  outside dining.  However, these places may load you up with excessive salt, oil or MSG. to enhance the flavour of the food items. To ensure the long term well-being of  your loved ones by providing them with well- balanced , nutritional home cooked meals, we have a perfect solution to all these worries.

At Tingkat Delivery Singapore we provide home cooked tingkat meals , delivered  right to your doorstep. We do all the the food preparation and washing up for you. Our aim , to provide you the best quality dinners for your entire family. All you need to do is heat and eat in the comfort of your house and with your loved ones. Our focus is to deliver hygienic food which caters to the Singaporean taste bud, prepared by our experienced and highly trained chefs which will be delivered to you promptly.

At Tingkat Delivery Singapore, we understand that the body cannot get all the essential nutrients from a single source of food. Also a child’s needs may differ from an adult- thus it is extremely important to ensure that a right combination of nutrients is provided on a regular basis to increase general well being. Therefore we have a Tingkat menu that offers a wide selection of food which include hand-made ingredient from scratch and we will provide it on a week-to-week basis.

So leave all the worrying and fussing to Tingkat Delivery Singapore, enjoy your hassle-free nights and spend some quality time with your loved ones instead.

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  1. Hi, how do I place order for lunch and dinner as the order form is for dinner only. Are the dishes the same for lunch n dinner?

    • Hi Sue,

      Currently, we deliver dinner delivery only.
      We can recommend lunch caterer, please call 91076893 for more information.

  2. Hi, is the company the same? Cos I sms and the reply is that they cater for both lunch and dinner.

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