Hygienic Food Preparation

Want to order food from our caterer but worried about hygiene? Don’t worry – our caterer and food handlers are trained to ensure complete hygiene!

Safety and Hygiene Policies & Procedure: All employees undergo a compulsory course by government whether they directly handle food or not ! Strict guidelines are followed at all times to ensure all the right things are done

Handling food safely enables us to enjoy the nutrients from them without worrying about food borne illnesses. Food can not only transmit diseases from one person to another, it can also serve as a medium of growth for bad bacteria, parasites and viruses which can cause food- poisoning. When we prepare food at home, we ensure that it is handled with care so that we can protect our family and loved ones but when we think about eating out in a restaurant or ordering meals from a home delivery services – we must consider the same care is taken during the preparation process too.

It needs to be noted that our caterer has a list of basic food hygiene principles that they carry out every day as part of their job. They understand that high standard needs to be maintained to carry out food safety and to avoid cross contamination. They are also trained to realize the importance of temperature control and pest control so that all the necessary measures can be taken to avoid food deterioration so that it in turn ensures a 100% prevention of food poisoning.

The law enforces that the place is kept clean and disinfected and there are a number of food safety management modules that they build to ensure the same. Hygiene checks are made by the law officials who ensure that the food hygiene practices are sound, the structure has a good lighting, ventilation and clean washing facilities. Each criteria is then scored and re-evaluated to make sure that all the measures are being taken. Failure to adhere to the general and specific requirements when it comes to food handling can begin with warning and lead to revoking of the license both of the food handler and the caterer- The law can even close the catering down. Sometimes fines and imprisonments can also follow.

Our Caterer ensures that all the employees undergo a Safety & Hygiene Policies and Procedure Training whether they directly handle food or not. This training emphasizes the need of strict guidelines and proper rules when it comes to handling the food.

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